Essay on International Management Process

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Department of Management, Marketing and Information Systems
Multinational Corporate Management
Fall 02 Semester
The International Management Process
An Overview

· International Management process - is heavily affected by the culture (as well as other factors) of the country where enterprises pursue their goals and objectives.

· Culture - comprise an entire set of social norms and responses that condition people's behavior, it is acquired and incalculated, a set of rules and behavior, patterns that an individual learns but does not inherit at birth.

Three Ways Culture is Learned:

· Formal learning - formal activities are taught by precept and admonition.

· Informal learning - the principal agent is molded used for
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· Objective analysis - managers who practice this belief make decisions based on accurate and relevant information, and they are prompt in reporting accurate data to all levels in the organization. Other cultures do not place much value on factual and rational support for decisions and the reporting of details is unimportant.

· Gere Hofstede, researcher from the Netherlands, developed one of the most popular theories addressing the impact of culture on the management process. Power, distance, uncertainty, avoidance, individualism, and masculinity are the classifications.

· Confucian Dynamism - Hofstede and Michael Bond identified an additional culture dimension by which nations can be classified.
· Confucianism - is not a religion, but a system of practical ethics; it is based on a set of pragmatic rules for daily life derived from experience. The key tenet of Confucian teachings is that unequal relationships between people create stability in society. The five basic relationships are ruler-subject, father-son, older brother-younger brother, husband-wife and older friend-younger friend. The junior owes the senior respect, and the senior owes the junior protection and consideration. The prototype for all social institutions is the family. A person is mainly a member of a family as opposed to being
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