International Marketing Analysis of L'oreal

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International marketing of L'Oreal 1. Introduction L'Oreal is a symbol of beauty and elegance. Women across the globe associate the brand with style and splendor and thrive to purchase the products. But aside from the beauty factor, L'Oreal is also an intriguing business agent, leading the global cosmetics industry and representing an example to other business players as well. The company has attained this position of international industry leader through sustained and gradual strategies of business development, market competitiveness and customer satisfaction. The current project strives to assess the company through the lenses of its international marketing strategy and to provide an informed recommendation. 2. Company information The L'Oreal Group was established in 1909 in Clichy, Hauts-de-Seine by Eugene Schueller and it activates in the personal care industry, selling cosmetics and beauty products, including hair care products. In fact, it was the hair dye that first sat at the basis of the founding of the company in 1907. Gradually, chemist Eugene Schueller developed more products and began to sign distribution contracts. He hired the best consultants and managers and he also developed the firm from a business standpoint. Throughout the past half of a century, L'Oreal has expanded its global presence through an increase in its product palette, but also through the acquisition of smaller cosmetics companies (such as Lancome or Carson) and the addition of
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