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AUSSIEBUM 1.0 Introduction AussieBum is an Australian men’s swimwear company designed by Sean Ashby, a keen surfer and swimmer himself who was in search of a good pair of men’s swimmers made from nylon which is what he grew up with. It is a fashion and lifestyle brand in demand for many reasons. The brand has managed to branch out to many international countries while still maintaining its iconic Australian culture in every way. This is achieved through the visuals of Australia’s beautiful and famous beaches, to the embodiment of the iconic, fit and muscular bodies of the Aussie bloke. These qualities of adventure, sexiness and confidence personify the brand and anybody involved with it. The company started of back in 2001 and is…show more content…
3.4 Political Factors: Politian’s in China are attempting to avoid any acceptance on a leadership role in the world economy. They claim that China is still behind other countries in technology and has much lower power per capita GDP compared the world’s leaders; US. (Leo, 2010). Due to these 2 factors, lack of technology and economic developments, this presents more opportunities for international businesses. The reason being why China maintains to be an eye-catching destination for international markets. 3.5 Barriers: When entering a new country, there will always be several barriers along the way. It is best to be aware of these barriers prior entering the market. The business executives in China perceive advertising effects as the most important entry barrier and capital requirements as the least important. When to enter a new market is also one of the critical decisions that international companies must decide on. ( Karakaya, Stahl, 1989). Other more obvious barriers include; language barriers, time difference, cultural differences, and currency rate. 3.6 Unemployment: The increase of unemployed workers in China is a result of various processes. The process that is shared among many richer countries is raped education expansion leader to a great number of young adults not working for an income due to study commitments (Riley, 2004) . The next process is the structural change provoked by China’s transformation from a

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