International Marketing: Case Study of Sony Corporation

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International marketing 1. Executive summary The Sony Corporation is one of the leading global companies in the IT industry, creating products such as television sets, video games, telephones and so on. Currently, the company is assessing its position in Hong Kong in an effort to identify the success chances of its DSLR camera. The market place in Hong Kong is generally appealing to the company's prospects regarding the sale of its DSLR camera in the region and this is due to a stable economic context, a simplistic and free political regime, as well as the general inclination of the society towards technologic innovation. The local competition in the specific market segment is decreased, and the proposed pricing strategy is that of variable pricing. 2. The global environment The international environment for the industry is best assessed through the lenses of the PEST analysis, as follows: The political field is characterized by changing policies, due to both the changing nature of the industry and the need to keep to with it, but also due to the international dimension of the operations The economic environment is characterized by the still ongoing economic crisis, which reduces the investment capabilities of the economic agents, as well as the purchase powers of the population The social and economic background is characterized by increasing role of customer, increasing bargaining power of the buyer, as well as changing demands Last, at the
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