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International marketing communications Portfolio: Dior Addict Content Introduction FRANCE I. Marketing analysis p 4 A. PESTL p 4 B. Opportunity / Threat p 4 C. Strengths / Weaknesses p 5 D. Segmentation p 5 II. Communication analysis p 5 A. Christian Dior`s image p 5 B. Mode of communication p 6 1. Basic offer p 6 a. FAB terminology p 6 2. Persuasive communication p 6 a. Target description p 6 b. Process of message transfer p 6 c. Stimulus p 6 III. Target analysis p 7 A. Culture influence 1. Power distance p 7 2. Uncertainty avoidance p 7 3. Individual / Collective p 7 4. Masculine /…show more content…
( - The competition is hard between the French luxurious brands, C. Strengths / Weakness analysis Strengths: - The brand 's image, Christian Dior is famous in the mode sector and recognise as a pioneer, - The originality of their products, - The brand is coming from France, which is well known for luxurious mode products, Weakness: - The image of Dior could be too shocking for the target, - Could be considered as a posh brand for young people, - Several anti-sexist organisations protest against this advertisement 's campaign D. Segmentation We can segment the market: - By sexes: our product concerns women. - By product: - By age: the target is younger than the usual Dior target, we are looking for women between 20 and 35 years old Mix marketing Product: It is the latest perfume from Dior, which is designed for quite young clientele and can be classified as a luxury product. Price: Place: Promotion: The promotion is shocking and totally different from their latest perfume "J`adore". The target is young, trendy and sexy. II. Communication analysis The Christian Dior image The house preserves the spirit

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