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1. Where should Krispy Kreme go next? List the next ten countries they should enter in order of most viable. What criteria did you use to compose your list? 1. Canada 2. United Kingdom 3. Australia 4. New Zealand 5. Mexico 6. Japan 7. Spain 8. Taiwan 9. China 10. Germany The criteria and questions used to compose the list of viable countries for Krispy Kreme to enter were: 1. Does the product and experience associated with product have a potential place in the new market? 2. Country of Origin Effects – Krispy Kreme should follow in the footsteps of McDonalds, Starbucks, and Coca Cola. 3. Ease in overcoming Cultural/Language Barriers 4. Transportation costs – it will be easier for Krispy Kreme to ship its doughnut mix from…show more content…
3. How might Japan be different from the United States when it comes to doughnut demand? How might London differ from Southern California? In the United States, doughnut demand is generated by “office heroes, soccer moms, and church socials” - numerous occasional buyers of the tasty treat. In Japan, demand for Krispy Kreme's doughnuts must be created as a way to experience another aspect of American culture or an entirely new experience. There are doughnut chains in Japan, such as Mr. Doughnut (11,000 stores in Japan) and mom and pop doughnut stores. The idea of the doughnut does exist in Japan, the demand is different in the experience/image associated with consuming the doughnut. The demand in London will be different from Southern California in that Southern California already has many doughnut retailers in more convenient locations than Krispy Kreme. Americans are comfortable with and have a place in the culture for the existance of the doughnut. The idea of the doughnut is relatively new to London, and demand must be generated by finding a place in the culture for the doughnut. One suggestion is for Krispy Kreme to sell tea instead of or alongside its coffees in order to generate demand in the London market. While in the US, a doughnut in an acceptable

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