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Student Name : N.Kushmi.E.R Gunawardane

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Module Lecturer : Dr.Lester Massingham

Module Tutor : Ms. Nilusha Gallage

Date Submitted : 19th June 2014

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Executive Summary

This report plan is written proposal for “Ministry of Crab” (MOC) restaurant to launch overseas. Situated at Dutch hospital, a prominent tourist location in Colombo city, MOC is currently a popular restaurant in Sri Lankan food industry. Author has analysed all the strategies that are available
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Also it can do an alliance with a foreign partner or franchise the local firm. Below diagram illustrates many entry strategies to foreign markets in which author has selected ‘franchising’ as a market development strategy for ministry of crab moving to United Kingdom and Bangladesh.


2 What is franchising?

Basically the ideas is Franchisor gives licensed privilege to do business continuously, plus support on training, management and merchandising in order to gain a profit in return from the franchisee (International Franchise Association)

Franchising is an authority given to a firm to sell its goods or services on a certain geographic area. The individual who purchase and runs the firm is franchisee and franchisor is the one who granted permission to do his original business. Franchising has success stories over centuries old. Back in 1850’s when Issac Singer introduced the sewing machine it was distributed around the world through franchising. Ray Kroc was able to take over a small food business and convert it to a most successful fast food chain around the globe through franchising. Food industry where Ministry of crab is categorised is a very popular one in franchising along with automotive, health, and finance related industries.

Important Facts on Franchising (IFA, 2014)


1 Types of franchising

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