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As an Educational Administrator use the ‘POSDCORDE’ management principle in your organization and show its effectiveness in outcomes or output produced.

The acronym POSDCORB (E) has been used in all schools and other organizations all over the world. It is a management technique that has been accepted by all managers and administrators in both the public and private secondary schools in Mauritius. However, some administrators are not making effective use of the management principles and this has a negative effect on the performance of students. In order, to achieve better results in the 21st century which is characterized as a technological world, administrative quality in terms of competent leaders are required.
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It consists of class work and homework that has to be given for each class and for each session.
Work plan can also be yearly-breakdown of the SC and HSC syllabus, by term-chapters that need to be covered during a specific team or even daily, in order for educators to know the aims and objectives behind the chapters that is going to be taught in class. Therefore, it becomes the duty of each educator in the Institute to plan their objectives and dedicate themselves to achieving them.
Everything needs to be planned in a school whether it is the completion of syllabus or the infrastructure of the school. When Mauricia institute had opened its doors, it had less than 50 students, after 10 years the student population has increased. Therefore, the rector had to plan for more desks, whiteboards and more teachers in order to start the academic year successfully.

“Organizing is the process of defining and grouping activities of the enterprise and establishing the authority relationship among them” [ Theo Haimann]. This suggests that all schools have to arrange all their resources so as to provide the best for students. The activities that are connected to the organization of the school will affect the school as a whole. First and foremost, organization will consist of the master schedule.
The master schedule at the Institute consists of the subject, teacher’s name, class length and where the interaction between the teacher and the students is

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