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The original formula for Red Bull was developed in 1964; however, the Red Bull company was not founded until 1984 after a merger between Dietrich Mateschitz, marketing guru, and Chaleo Yoovidhya, the owner of the Red Bull formula. Categorized as an energy drink, Red Bull was initially designed to “treat jet lag and boost energy for truck drivers” (Hollensen, 2012). In today's era, Red Bull is commonly used as an energy drink; like coffee, and as a mixer in alcoholic drinks, like Red Bull Wings and the Jägerbomb. This aligns with the company's focus on the younger generations of partygoers and post-secondary students.
Red Bull’s marketing strategy is one of the key factors in their success, they created Mobile Energy Team
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Red Bull as a global industry player will need to consider not only domestic political conditions but also international political conditions. Trade sanctions, embargoes, political stability and other policies created by the government will affect Red Bull operation. Red Bull will need to consider this factor carefully when expanding to new country.
2.2.2. Economic Conditions
In terms of economic analysis, it includes factors such as economic growth, interest rates, exchange rates, inflation, disposable income of consumers and businesses (Oxford University Press, 2011). Red Bull needs to be aware of the currency rates which will have an impact on its international production capacity. For example, if Red Bull maintains its manufacturer only being in Austria, Red Bull is subjected to the fluctuations of currencies whereby when foreign currency depreciates, it will affect the production cost to be higher.
2.2.3 Social Conditions
In terms of social environment,these factors examine the social environment of the market, and gauge determinants like cultural trends, demographics and population analytics (Team FME, 2013). For example, as Red Bull may have penetrated into the Europe & Non Europe region, Red Bull has yet to consider the emerging market which has high potential seeing as it is a region that has yet to be penetrated by energy drinks. For example
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