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Marketing across cultures around the world is increasingly becoming a thriving business with the fast-speed globalisation nowadays. The Four ‘Ps’ of marketing, namely product, price, place and promotion, include most of the elements of marketing decision-making. However, socio-cultural factors, in considering the combination of marketing strategies, will always run through them. Socio-cultural factors have a huge influence in people's concept of product and buying behavior. Lack of cultural awareness not only can lead to a decrease of product sales, but can even collapse the company’s whole international image. In this sense, understanding cultural differences plays an incredibly significant role in process of developing
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Among them, ‘Uncertainty Avoidance’ was defined as ‘ the lack of tolerance for ambiguity and the need for formal rules’ by Hoecklin (1995). Haviland (2004) summarised the characteristics of culture. Values and attitudes are considered as an important part of culture. Value was defined as ‘the beliefs that are held individually or collectively, perceived consciously or unconsciously, communicated explicitly (verbally articulately) or implicitly (symbolically), used as the criteria for cognitive, affective, or behavioral judgments to guide our choices out of available options, as they influence society, while society influences them.’( Kluckhohn et al, 1951) Tepstra and Sarathy (2000) stated that values and attitudes of customers played a significant role in the work place. As to Starbucks, Harris (2007) claimed that teahouse was a great challenger to Starbucks since it was undergoing a set of reforms. Kembell (2002) stated that the locations of Starbucks were mainly focused on those unban areas as well as crowed places in town. In terms of the design of Starbucks in China, Harris (2007) found that the design and decoration of Starbucks were consistent with the characteristics of local cultures.


The data I gathered in this paper is mainly from Secondary data sources. I found most
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