International Marketing Plan for Zaxbys Essay

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Zaxby’s in Canada: Company Report Executive Summary Introduction Zaxby’s was founded in 1990 as a franchised chain of fast casual restaurants primarily in the Southeastern United States. Guest loyalty, developing employees, expansion, and increased sales are the corporate vision that Zaxby’s has used to grow and develop its brand. Product/Service Zaxby’s is in business to provide a lunch and dinner fast food restaurant with high quality food products, as well as unsurpassed customer service, all at an affordable yet competitive price. Target Market Zaxby’s targets chicken lovers from the age group of 22-45 with minimum average household income of $42,000. Canada has about 68.5 percent of its people in the age group of 15-65…show more content…
The chicken used is actually hand-breaded and made fresh. Most of our competitors in the United States such as McDonald’s use processed and mechanically separated chicken for their sandwiches and tenders. Chic-fil-A also offers fresh chicken, but is not yet in Canada. At $7.50-8.50 per average full meal, Zaxby’s is very affordable. It is a little more expensive than some fast food chains such as McDonald’s, but is a healthier and fresher alternative. Customers are willing to pay the extra small amount for the higher quality product. The service one generally receives in the restaurant is much better than with comparable competitors. The local locations are actually decorated to suit the interest of the area surrounding it. This is what we marketers call “regionally aware”. It gives the customers a more close to home feeling when they first enter the restaurant, while they dine, and when they leave. Zaxby’s has already proven itself to developing talent with its employees and management which adds up to better customer relations and service which in turn leads to increased customer loyalty. Unfortunately, customer loyalty is one advantage that will not follow us to another country. However, customer loyalty will be achieved gradually over a period of time. Always a threat, foreign substitutes and the threat of new competition are very real. Our three main competitive advantages will be able to transfer to Canada. The pleasing experience

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