International Marketing Research

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Chapter 30 INTERNATIONAL MARKETING RESEARCH V. Kumar, University of Connecticut Introduction A company advertised eyeglasses in Thailand by featuring a variety of cute animals wearing glasses. The advertisement was a poor choice since animals are considered to be a form of low life and no self respecting Thai would wear anything worn by animals (Payne, website). Could the company have known about this before the product launch in Thailand? Why did the company fail in spite of coming up with a trendy and fashionable product? The reason for the company’s failure in Thailand was that they did not identify themselves, advertising in this case, with the Thai culture and totally misjudged the social customs of Thailand. The company could…show more content…
Place: A well known drinks company tried to introduce a two liter drinks bottle into Spain, but found it hard to enter the market - they soon discovered this was because few Spaniards had fridge doors large enough to accommodate the large size bottle (Payne, website). 3 Promotion: When Pepsico advertised Pepsi in Taiwan with the ad “Come Alive With Pepsi” they had no idea that it would be translated into Chinese as “Pepsi brings your ancestors back from the dead.” b. Racial Differences: This would refer to the differences in physical features of people in different countries. For example, the types of hair care and cosmetic products needed in U.S would differ from those needed in South East Asia. c. Climatic Differences: This would include the meteorological conditions like degree of rain and temperature range in the targeted foreign market. For instance, BoschSiemens had to alter their washing machines with a minimum spin cycle of 1,000 rpm and a maximum of 1,600 rpm in Scandinavia, owing to irregular sunshine. In Italy and Spain, on the other hand, it is sufficient to have a spin cycle of 500 rpm as there is abundant sunshine (Stevens & Davis, 1997). d. Economic Differences: The level of economic development in a market can affect the desired properties of a product
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