International Marketing Research Methodologies and Design

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International Marketing Research Methodologies and Design

International marketing opens a new avenue for a company to grow as well as face with pending challenges of competition (Craig & Douglas, 2005). Overreliance on the domestic market compromises a company potential at the onset of new cultures and expansion of competing companies in the domestic turf (Malhotra, 2004). With this in mind, it is recommended that a company XYZ Inc. should consider expanding its market outreach by venturing in the international market. In trying to venture in the international market, a marketer is faced with a challenge similar that of visiting a foreign planet.
A number of issues have to be understood and internalized in order to, sufficiently come up with a successful marketing procedure for the products or services (Malhotra, 2004). This paper presents a market methodology and strategy for XYZ Inc. that is venturing to market its products in Germany. The issues to be internalized such as the political, traditional customs and religious behaviours of the population in Germany are pinned against those observed in the domestic market (America).

International Marketing Research
On the overall, marketing entails an evaluation and systematic study of factors that bears upon any operations of business related to selling and acquiring a market (Malhotra, 2004). Marketing research is the initial step that precedes productive activities and it continues as long as business operations
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