International Marketing Strategy Failures

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An international marketing strategy involves developing and maintaining a strategic fit between the international company's objectives, competencies, and resources and the challenges presented by its international market or markets (Terpstra, V. and Sarathy, R., 1997). As such, the international strategic plan forges a link between the company's resources and its international goals and objectives in a complex, continuously changing international environment.
In deciding to go abroad, the company needs to define its marketing objectives and policies. What proportion of foreign to total sales will it seek? Most companies start small when they venture abroad. Some plan to stay small; others have bigger
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(Dana-Nicoleta Lascu 2003)
4. Vacillating commitment. It takes time to learn how to function in countries such as Japan
A dimension of international marketing strategy is linked to the company's commitment to its international markets. Some companies use international marketing only to test the waters or to unload overproduction. (Carol Graham, 2001).This approach to international marketing, although it might open long term opportunities to the company, does not indicate a substantial commitment to internationalization and is not a premise for success in the long term in international markets. A long-term international commitment that entails substantial investment in terms of resources and personnel is likely to bring the company the greatest rewards in the long run. Such a strategy will make the company a stronger competitor in the world market, as well as at home.
When a company uses an initial marketing strategy abroad, its success or failure depends greatly upon the market where it is used. In 1977, Apple Computer Company began distribution of its personal computer in Japan. At
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