International Marketing Strategy

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In affluent societies, one observes a growing fragmentation of markets, buyers requesting more and more products adapted to their specific needs. How can we reconcile this fact with the objectives of global marketing that emphasises a strategy of standardisation of products and brands across the entire world?

Executive Summary:
Companies developing a global marketing strategy must consider its impact and influence on the company. Crucial for development of global marketing strategy is clear segmentation and positioning of product and company on the market. Advantages of global strategy could also come from using cheap local and national sources, global marketing operation, global brand name, advertising campaign and
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(Levitt, Albaum and Duerr). Firms producing standardized products for the global market can access scale of economies in product development, manufacturing and marketing that offer efficiency advantages that nationally based competitors cannot match. In multi-domestic strategy each country is served by a fairly autonomous national subsidiary that manages a full range of functional activities. The chief advantage of this strategy is the flexibility it affords with respect to local conditions. For example, it allows differentiation on the basis of local preferences, while avoiding the administrative complexities associated with centralised control from a remotely located head office. Multi-domestic strategy seeks to maximize worldwide performance by maximizing local competitive advantage, revenues or profits. A global strategy seeks to maximize worldwide performance through sharing and integration. Companies that use global strategy levers can achieve one or more of these benefits: cost reduction, improved quality of products and programs, enhanced customer preference and increased competitive leverage.
Types of international marketing strategies (Adapted from: Stonehouse, 2004)

The simplest global strategy is to concentrate as many activities as possible is one country, serve the world from this home base, and to tightly coordinate the
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