International Marketing Tool Around The World Wide Web

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Background The Internet which is associated with Information Technology (IT), have been widely recognised as one of the most important international marketing tool around the world for the past decade. As Li and Ye (1999) highlighted, the Internet has provided a strategic resource that may support firms in achieving operational efficiency and functionality for operations that are done internationally. Advanced Research Projects Agency NETWORK was commissioned by the US Department of Defence (ARPANET) was started in 1969, currently known as the Internet, was an experimental network aimed to link university computer centres throughout the U.S. UCLA was the first node to be established with the follow ups of Stanford Research Institute, UCSB (Santa Barbara) and University of Utah (Netvalley 2004). ARPANET was then divided into MILNET (MILitary NETwork), used primarily for government and military purposes, and NSFNET (National Science Foundation NETwork), used to support education and research in the 1980s (Pallab, 1996). Consequently in 1989, the World Wide Web (WWW), an interactive graphical communications channel that transmit specially formatted documents in digital form through a system of internet servers. Was invented by Tim Berners- Lee at the European Centre for a Nuclear Research (Cern) and is probably the most important development to date for the Internet (Samiee 1998; Webopedia 2004). Methodology Firstly, this project will discuss how the Internet affect towards

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