International Migration in South America Essay

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International Migration in South America
Economic Geography

Michal Birčiak
International Migration in South America 1
Obsah 2
Introduction 4
History of international migration in South America 5 Migration in 2008, 2009 6
International migration from the South America 7
1.1Migration back home 7
Migration to the others states of OECD 9
1.2Migration to Japan 10
Main features 10
1.3Feminisation of migration 10
1.4Permanence of skilled migration 11
Economic aspects of international migration 12
International migration in Brazil and Argentina 13
1.5International Migration of Brazil 13
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The agricultural expansion followed by economic expansion in the region were the main factors of creation of the new working places and thus the reason to migrate to these countries.
After second World Word, Europe fell into vigorous economic transformation that started in the nothnern and western states and later spred to southern Europe. These transformations had impact on migrations of the population. People decide to stay in their home country instead of migrating to the new one. In the same time the gap between degre of socio-economic development of the European nations and that of the South American countries was widening. The impact of whole this transformation was that migraton to the South America decreased and people prefered to move back to the old continent.
After all we can distinguish Historical migration patterns of South America to three significant periods:
1. until 1950, the countries of the entire South America continent were destinations for European immigrants as was mentioned mainly from Southern part of the old continent.
2. starting around 1960 the significant part of the migrants came from countries of South america, they move especially to the developed countries such as United States, Canada and Spain are.
3. over a past decades was developed moderate but steadily increasing trend of inter-regional migration. Among countries, that received the migrans belonged Argentina, Venezula and
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