International Nursing Ethics

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Case study During his studies at university Leon took a casual position as a carer in the local nursing home. At the end of the first week he was employed a colleague invited him to attend afternoon tea with a group of nursing colleagues. At the gathering they all brought out their mobile phones and shared photos they had taken of the elderly resident's genitals during the week. There was a competition to guess who the genitals belonged to. Leon was invited to join this group and participate in the photo activity and competition. The scenario flagrantly voids international nursing ethics, in general, and Australian nursing ethics in particular for countless reasons. In fact, it voids the very essence of nursing which is care and respect for the patient. Nurses are supposed to take great pains with ensuring patient privacy and with according them respect and honor. Two of the key principles in the Nursing Code of Ethics for Nurses in Australia are the following: Nurses value quality nursing care for all people. Nurses value respect and kindness for self and others. (ANMC (nd), p2) The practitioners above, by doing what they did, show that their interests do not lie in providing quality nursing care for people. They may provide this care in their own work duties, but if their escapades and pornographic exploits indicate that their quality nursing care if given, is flawed since Value statement #1: Nurses value quality nursing care for all people. Nurses value
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