International Office Address Is 233 Carlton Street Toronto

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• The “Free the Children” international office address is 233 Carlton Street Toronto, Ontario M5A 2L2 Canada. Also, it has its offices in Quebec, UK, Western Canada and US. In Western Canada its office is in British Columbia. In US, it’s offices are in Minnesota, Seattle, and California • This organization was founded in 1995 by Craig and Marc who believes that every child should have a right to achieve his/her fullest potential as agents of change. The “free the Children” work domestically through “We day” and “We Act” to educate and empower them to become active citizens of the community and the world. It works through development model Adopt a Village to allow children’s to have education and end poverty in the world. • Free the Children started after Craig read a story of one boy that he couldn’t ignore. In the morning, after flipping through pages, he found a story of one boy his age named Iqbal in search of comics. He was born in South Asia and was sold to slavery at the age of four. In his life, he spent six years working in the field of carpet-weaving loom. As a child himself he was shocked to hear this story; so he decided to defend children’s rights. He gathered a small group of his gr. 7 classmates from Thorn hill, Ontario, school and “Free The Children” was born. Today, everyday free the children grows and every child receive its full potential. There are 2.3 million youths are involved in this organization and it had work in 45 countries since it started. Today,

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