International Organization Development Organizational Development Thinking and Practices for Global Businesses Settings

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Globalization has forced an environment of tight resources and new challenges in which dynamic companies are exploring and creating new capabilities and opportunities overseas. Large international organizations are increasingly turning to organizational development practices to solve problems of inefficiency. However, they often face challenges when operating in the international context, especially when difficulties arise when companies combining international business, organization development and inter-cultural communication, fail to address the complexity and agility needed in today’s global business arena.
This paper will attempt to assess the strategies organizational development (OD) consultants can use to design and implement
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3. Individualism, or the degree to which people in a country have learned to act as individuals rather than as members of cohesive groups: from collectivist to individualist. Are people more concerned with looking out for themselves or their group or organization?
4. Achievement Orientation / Masculinity, or the degree to which “masculine” values like assertiveness, performance, success and competition prevail over “feminine values” like the quality of life, maintaining warm personal relationships, service, caring, and solidarity: from tender to tough.
5. Uncertainty Avoidance, or the degree to which people in a country prefer structured over unstructured situations: from relatively flexible to extremely rigid. Whether people reflect a preference for conservative and familiar situations.
All these differences affect ways of management in these countries. Large power distances favor centralization, while small power distances favor decentralization. Collectivism favors group rewards and family enterprises, while individualism favors easy job-hopping and individual rewards. Masculinity favors competition and survival of the fittest while femininity favors solidarity and sympathy for the weak. Uncertainty avoidance favors strict rules and principles, while its opposite favors opportunism and tolerance of deviant behavior. (4) & (5) As a result of this and may more many studies, researchers proposed a technique know as the
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