International Organizational Feuds : Acts Of Aggression

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International organizational feuds: acts of aggression? In this paper I will take an in depth look at recent state sanctioned Chinese cyber-attacks against United States organizations and agencies. These attacks have had profound effects, ultimately altering structures and processes. Government officials are calling for millions of dollars in training and defense measures, while many are now becoming aware of a new type of threat. The inter-organizational relationships, external environment, and ecosystem have also been denaturized. I will also take a look at scholarly definitions of war and how they may be applied to the issue at hand. Finally, I will examine the United Nation’s doctrine and deem whether these attacks should be considered aggressive acts made by China, and what may result. Before state sanctioned cyber-attacks against U.S. organizations, infrastructure, and government can be analyzed, the concepts and environment surrounding the issue must be explored. These concepts include the traditional theoretical views of war and armed conflict, the current definitions of cyber-warfare, and the relationship of armed conflict and law in the changing landscape of the twenty-first century. Many of these concepts are still actively debated today due to building and breaking of relationships, evolving nature of cyber warfare, and the dynamism phenomenon or state of the environment, which Daft (2016) defines as “stable or unstable, simple or complex” (p.146). In

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