International Organizations And The International Organization Essay

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The international organizations plays a various roles that positively and negatively impact the global socio economic development of various nations. These are institutions that are set to uphold the values of certain agendas that are put out there for member nations to embark on in improving a nation’s socio economic development. Some of these agendas and charters do come with costs and these costs includes fines, punishments. It also has benefits, a benefit weaker and stronger nations in achieving certain goals in the global spectrum. International organizations set standards for other nations to follow in ensuring economic development and social empowerment through education, sponsorship, loans and conditions that needs to be met. Some of the international organizations like NATO may take a militarize version of peace keeping if necessary to combat the evil of human right violations in some repressive and unstable undemocratic countries. Some of the international organizations like the UN, will aid countries and intervene when necessary to diplomatically and verbally condemn evil in the world. Sometimes may chose forceful intervention to stop manslaughter and gross human rights violations. Also these organizations have often being criticized and labelled as interests driven organizations by some other critics. Sometimes these institutions are blamed for biasness, are seen neo-colonist, and sometimes are labelled very Eurocentric institutions with an agenda…
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