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Assignment Two: Final Paper Heather Smith Jour 3400 April 28, 2010 The largest paper company in the world sits right here in Memphis, Tennessee, International Paper Company. They manufacture in North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia and North Africa. International Paper was established in 1898 and has grown to house 113,000 employees. The company achieves their success from the goals they stand for: “Good corporate governance is the foundation upon which we build and achieve our goals. We create an awareness of the importance of diversity, ethical behavior and personal integrity, which are our foundation. We support hundreds of community-based educational, civic and…show more content…
The company has become more and more successful as the years progress. In 2007, International Paper was named one of the “worlds most ethical companies” in Ethisphere Magazine. They were one of twelve companies throughout the world to receive this award, which was based on their adherence to the standards and principles of morality in their profession. John Faraci, chairman and CEO of International paper responded to this honor by stating, “We’re very proud to be recognized as one of the world’s most ethical companies. We believe strongly in operating according to the highest ethical standards, and that is reflected in the way we do business across the globe” (World’s Most Ethical Companies, 2007). One of International Paper’s slogans is very comprehendible and to the point: “More dependable. More efficient. More reliable” ( On their homepage the message “A global leader in paper and packaging products, International Paper can partner with you to create solutions in any industry, anywhere we’re needed” ( Both of these slogans back up and support their companies mission statement, “through the power of people we will succeed with customers and deliver operational excellence to achieve our goal of making International Paper one of the best companies worldwide” ( As
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