International Performance Management And Training And Development

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Over the years, human resource management has attracted a vast amount of interest over different disciplines due to the effect and contribution it had on the fundamental issues within the organisation (Singh, Darwish, Coster & Anderson 2012). Arthur states, HRM practices essentially contribute to the organisations competitive advantage and the achievement of organisational performance (Arthur 1997, cited in Singh, Darwish, Coster & Anderson 2012). This not only emphasizes on the significance of human capital in achieving organisational performance and attaining competitive advantage but also recognizes the importance of developing the best human resource competencies in order to compete in the global economy (Slavic, Berber & Lekovic, 2014)
The aim of this report is to analyse and understand the company’s HRM practices through looking at different factors such as the organisations diversity management, different elements of culture, international performance management and training and development by highlighting the key issues that the company is facing and giving recommendations. The scope of the report is in the airline industries. Airburst is an aircraft operating out of Australia with subsidiaries in three other countries Vietnam, China and Singapore. The company builds and sells aircraft globally to 50 countries. Airburst produces and engineers its aircraft in different countries with many parts of the aircraft being produced in Vietnam and china, and Singapore being
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