International Project Management

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Executive Summary: With the increase in globalization, integration of world markets, and rise in the concept of the importance of International Project Management has increased many folds. Project management is a discipline that applies various tools, concepts, principles, practices, activities that help in improving the profitability of organization and results in overall growth. It helps organizations working in various parts of the world in integrating there operations and achieving goals. The project management concepts are based on principles of rationality in human behavior, and similarity of working culture over organizations that is a bit unrealistic due to differences in Environmental Factors such as legal, political factors,…show more content…
People are not only the employees of the organization, but also the strategy used to recruit, compensate, and retain those individuals and the type of people that they are in terms of their skills, values and orientation. International Projects Five major issues surrounding the management of International Projects 2.1 Assessing the Motivation for International Projects. Assessing the firm’s strengths, weaknesses, available resources, and management’s attitude toward growth can be used to motivate project. A project manager who understands the overall picture and the role and importance of the project will be better prepared to tackle the global project. Selecting the specific project is the major criteria and good factor to help gaining perspective idea to the project. The challenge for most enterprises as they move towards a global model will lie in successfully managing international teams. Meeting this challenge will be expensive in terms of both resources and time. Firms need to get on with the task of building a new model for leadership development in a global community - a model that derives from recognition of a whole new array of leadership requirements: |[|The capacity to manage, live with, and operate under conditions of continuous change. |

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