International Promotion and Market Research of Nivea Essay

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Nivea International Promotion & International Market Research

Nivea: International Promotion Promotional marketing mix issues revolve around advertising. Direct mail, e-mail, media publicity, public relations, sales promotion and the internet are a few ways Nivea promote its products within international markets (Hollensen, 2007). Trying to standardise one or two issues in each international market may be achievable. Trying to standardise every issue listed above in every new market around the world is an almost impossible task. Nivea: International Market Research Market research is a powerful tool for Nivea to discover the “viability of a market and to minimise risk within product launches” (The
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For example, in Brazil it is estimated 30% of the domestic mail is never delivered (Kumar, 2004).

International Market Research is imperative to Nivea future endeavours. It includes activities such as specification, gathering, analysis and interpretation of information to help management understand the particular market, identify the market specific problems and opportunities and also develop courses of marketing action. The research activity must recognise the new market’s specific diversity in terms of culture, demographics, economy, etc. to create a marketing strategy that will be successful (Kumar, 2004).

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