International Relation Theory And International Relations Theory

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International relation theories can be used to explain the meanings of the songs and articles. Through music, the international relation theories can relate to the hidden messages about the song through the language. The two theories that best explain the songs, Imagine by John Lennon and Only Prettier by Miranda Lambert are neoliberalism and constructivism.
Neoliberalism is an international relations theory in which, states cooperate together to reach a common goal. There is also the belief that states are self-interested. The states can disagree with their views, but cooperate together as a whole. One neoliberalist thinker was Keohane. Keohane argued that institutional cooperation can still be established and flourish regardless of the
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Constructivist believe that power is important. Power can be used to change and shape identities and identities (Mingst 2016). One constructivist thinker is Wendt. Wendt argued that norms of the states can affect how other states views them. Norms will change their actions by shaping their identities differently (Mingst 2016). An example of constructivism is Americans viewed Cuba as a threat during the Cold War. In 1960, US placed an embargo on Cuba, which ended trade and relations with them. The rise of communism under the regime of Fidel Castro, posed as a threat to the US. As of 2015, the embargo was lifted from Cuba and the US changed their perception of the country. Another example is the US view of Iraq. Before the Persian Gulf War, the US viewed Iraq as a marketing source, which enabled them to trade between each other. The US changed their view on Iraq as the regime of Saddam Hussein took control of the country. There were many rebellions of the Shiites and Kurds against Saddam. In the 1990s, Hussein invaded and destroyed Marsh Arabs, which many Shiites were living on the land (ABC News 2006). US was concerned about the supply of oil in the West.
In the inspirational song, Imagine by John Lennon, uses both neoliberalism and constructivism. The song proclaims that the world is filled with violence and hate. Everyone cooperates together in spite of their differences, the world will be at peace. The lines “I hope someday you 'll join us,
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