International Relations And Applying From An Anarchic International System

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rspective are useful in analyzing international relations and applying them to events that are relevant to its respective theory. The focus of analysis in realism is the struggle for power among states in an anarchic international system. Realists view states as dominant actors. These states are insecure, selfish, unitary, and rational in the sense that they make decisions in an organized manner that will produce the greatest utility. The states are always looking out for their own national interests and are naturally antagonistic against other states. Because realists are only concerned with the survival of the state in an anarchic international system, the most important goal of the state is to enhance their power to ensure security. The security dilemma, power politics, anarchy, and the self-help system all characterize the realist perspective. The challenge to realism is liberalism which encompasses a broad set of liberal theories. Liberalism’s focus of analysis is on enhancing global economic and political cooperation. Besides just the state the main actors also include nongovernmental groups and international organizations. Liberalists believe that human nature is basically good which leads to their belief that states are not always seeking rational behavior so much as they are seeking compromise and cooperation. International law, collective security, and economic interdependence characterize the liberal perspective. In Dr. J. Morgenthau’s article, A Realist
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