International Relations Between Russia And India

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The University of Manchester Manchester Business School BMAN70302 Research Methods RESEARCH PROPOSAL INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS BETWEEN RUSSIA AND INDIA AND ITS IMPACT ON THE IMPORT OF COAL Student Id – 9812013 Supervisor – Dr Laura Haar INTRODUCTION India and Russia shares a strong strategic, military, economic and diplomatic relationships post-cold war and even after the disintegration of the USSR. Initially this international relationship was based on 5 major elements: Politics, Defence, Civil, Nuclear energy and Anti-Terrorism & Space. However in recent years, Economic factor has grown its importance between both the countries in the form of trade. The economic relationship between India and Russia is very strong. The…show more content…
Since coal is a non-renewable source of energy and is widely used to make electricity and other industries and small scale factories to run boilers, the demand never goes down. On the other hand, Russia has large amount of coal reserves. The quality of Russian coal is similar to the one India imports from Indonesia and South Africa. Looking at the demand and other factors in mind, India might start importing coal from Russia looking at their International trade relation in mind. Coal industry in India is on a rise as compared to other countries in the world. The graph below will show the rise in demand of imported coal in India over the years. The graph below indicates that the demand of imported coal keeps on rising every year in India. Figure 1: Consumption of Imported Coal over the years. The second graph shows us the increase in exports of Russian Coal in 2015. This suggests that Russia is a potential supplier of Coal to different countries. Figure 2: Increase in Exports of Russian Coal in 2015 OBJECTIVES OF THE RESEARCH PROPOSAL • To develop an understanding of International trade relations between India and Russia and its impact on the import of Coal. • To explore different trade patterns and trade agreements between India and Russia and its effect on the relationship between the two countries. • To compare the quality of Russian coal from Indonesian and South African coal and how will it benefit India. • To take a
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