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Chobani’s Domestic Success (2007-2011)
Company History
Chobani is a U.S.-based, Greek-Yogurt company that was founded by Hamdi Ulukaya, a Turkish-American, in 2007. Ulukaya, an ethnic Kurd, grew up on a dairy farm in Turkey has a family heritage in the industry. He moved to the United States in 1994 to learn English, and after attending college in New York, Ulukaya followed the advice of his father and started a feta cheese company in upstate New York. After moderate success, in 2005, Ulukaya purchased a 90-year-old Kraft factory in South Edmeston, New York with a small business loan to start Chobani. With the help of four ex-Kraft employees and a “yogurt-master,” Ulukaya began to
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Today the market for Greek yogurt in the United State is estimated to be over $2 billion.
Today, Chobani offers 19 varieties of its flagship Greek yogurt. In an effort to expand its footprint and acquire new customers, Chobani has recently expanded its product line to include “Chobani Champs,” smaller packages aimed at the youth market and has launched “Chobani Kitchen,” on online forum where customers can find recipes that use Chobani as a constituent ingredient in meals that can be cooked at home. This is part of Chobani’s strategy to expand its product portfolio and, in the words of Chobani’s founder, sway the perception of yogurt as a breakfast-only product. In addition, Chobani has also introduced 6-packs of its 6 ounce product line as well as larger 32-ounce containers. Chobani has also introduced “tubes” in four flavor combinations and nine varieties of its Greek yogurt that is “blended” with ingredients such as chocolate chunk and black cherries.

Chobani’s International Expansion (2011-Present)
While Chobani has had phenomenal success in the U.S. market, international expansion has been challenging. In 2011, it entered both the Australian and Canadian markets, and in 2012 it began selling its yogurt in the United Kingdom. However, as of April 2013, Chobani has had to withdraw from the Canadian market and has lost the privilege to call itself “Greek” in the United Kingdom. We will analyze

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