International Relations Concepts

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International Relations 210 Midterm Assignment 1. What does it mean to study international relations? The study of international relations pertains to the understanding of the rules of engagement between the sovereign states. This study falls under the domain of political science and international law studies. Based on the study of international relations, an individual gets an insight into the foreign policies of a government, the political dynamics that are prevalent in a region and overall global events awareness. It also enables understanding the entities of intergovernmental organizations. Understanding of the international relations also pertains to comprehending the level of declared and vested interests possessed by different states in the course of interaction with other nations. Study of international relationship also pertains to finding amicable means towards the resolution of the problems faced through diplomatic engagement of the parties (Wilkinson 2007). 2. How do realism and liberalism differ? Realism is based on the mindset of military might, war hysteria and aiming to gain maximum ground against the rivals. The military empowerment and use of force as a means to protecting oneself makes up for the main idea of realism. In a practical scenario, the Cold war era depicted the realism in terms of international relationship. In the light of realism, the countries aimed at establishing their influence by providing military and other forms of
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