International Relations ( Ir )

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International relations (IR) is one of the fascinating fields of political science that different ancient and modern philosophers have written about. When reading for David Hume or René Descartes, I have found many ideas that could be applicable to global politics and the relations between states. Even though these ideas might not be aligned with Hume or Descartes’s individual political philosophies, they are worth applying to the current global political system. The first idea is Descartes’s doubting of everything and anything around us except for the “I”, or what he also referred to as the “ego.” Second, is Hume’s idea of relying solely on our sense experience in determining the reality around us. These two ideas are both applicable to the current global political system which has been characterized as anarchic. The system is considered anarchic because there is no government of governments, and there is no one sole power controlling all matters of the world politics. All of the main IR theories are trying to answer the question of how we could live in peace with each other. This question is important when knowing that there is no one centralized government that we can relate to when in dispute. René Descartes idea of doubting everything around us came from his belief that there is nothing we are sure about except for our inner-selves, or clearly put, our ego. It implies questioning everything made of matter and not relying on our human senses because they are vague and
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