International Relations Is A State Centric Discipline

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International Relations is a state centric discipline that contends with global concerns and foreign affairs amongst the states within the international arena. As the 21st century progressed rapidly, the relationship among states has changed considerably whereby small states in all continents have become a focal point in the international system. Since the days of the Cold War the impact between the small states and the great powers have been a precarious one whereby the great powers kept majority of the small states in the shadows; until now where they have begun to evolve and build their influence in the global world. The voice of the small states became onerous to achieve when the intergovernmental agreements and the economic paradigms were customarily based on the interest of authoritative states. Today, several of the small state actors in the global arena are considered to the most outstanding players in the world; nation states like Slovenia, Catalonia, Luxembourg and Bahrain. The fundamental dynamics of the development of small states in the international system is as a consequence of democracy growth provoked by the introduction of technological advancement due to globalization, communications, infrastructure and trade along with the social transformations shaped by enterprise operations globally. It is an expectation that small states can play a pivotal role in the expansion of a new era through which the international system is revolutionizing to the assistance of…
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