International Relations: Liberalism and Realism

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Liberalism and Realism
How to Liberals view conflict?
To define any perspective in International Relations, one must understand its’ origin and primary authors, including the context in which they were writing in. Liberalism is one of the more loosely defined perspectives as it has had a number of authors throughout history. Primarily, liberalism relies on the positive aspects of human nature. One of the most prominent liberal authors was Kant- who often wrote of the anarchical nature of international relations- referring to it as “the lawless state of savagery.” He also wrote of three primary routes to obtaining peace within this system, namely treating all aspects of human life with humanity, allowing for a federation of states and
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In addition, the intervention of countries on a domestic level often leads to disturbance in the accepted order of a region or continent.
A liberal would solve conflicts as these by creating a world government to regulate the behaviour of hegemonic countries, mediate in international disagreements to prevent war and act as a crucial player in enforcing and creating international law.
Validation of the liberal perspective

Historically, war has often been used a means to achieve the interests of a state. Hitler, although misled, was able to utilize the fragile state of the German economy to achieve the interests of the Nazi’s. Liberals would argue that had there been an institution created to oversee domestic politics from an international perspective, World War II would not have happened.
The same can be said of the current state of world politics. A liberal world government enforcing the liberal ideals of equality and human rights would have struck down Kenya’s homophobic legislature before it was enforced- preventing violent hate crimes which inevitably leads to civil unrest. Such blatant disregard of human rights would not be allowed to stand in a world governed on a global scale by a body that subscribes to the ideals of individual liberty, equality, freedom and above all else, a deep respect for human rights.
Apart from the focus on human rights,
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