International Relations : State Profile And Bilateral Relations

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Samantha Tsu POSC 230 – International Relations December 11, 2014 For the extra credit assignment that will be applied to the final, the topic I chose to write about was opinion number four which is: State Profile and Bilateral Relations. Expanding from the second project presentation, the “state” I chose to give my presentation on was Palestine. Palestine is located in the Middle East in the country of Asia and their territory is considered to be only the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The capital of Palestine is Jerusalem, and the type of people who predominately reside in occupied Palestinian land are those of the Arab descent. According to research, there are approximately 11,000,000 people all over the world, who consider themselves to be Palestinian, which is constituted as 49% of all the people in the world. But, only 16.5% of Palestinians live in Palestinian occupied land. Research also shows that majority of the Palestinians are Muslims, but they are citizens of Israel and many of the Palestinians are widely known to be Christians or Jewish as well. The official language of Palestine is ancient language of Arabic, which in my opinion is a cool language because you don’t read that language from left to right like many other languages, with Arabic, you read it from right to left. Although, all countries rely on other countries for economic support through trade, Palestinian territory is especially dependent on trades with other countries. Most of Palestine’s revenue

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