International Relations Theories

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International Relations
There are many theories that defines international relations. Most of these relations based on ideas that acts in accordance to the national interest of that particular country. These theories represents a set of ideas that explains how should International Relations should be conducted. The major theories are Realism, Liberalism, Constructivism and Marxism.
According to realism, the system for any country works for their benefits only by increasing their power relative to that of other countries. The reasons realism theory works this way because it claims that the world is a very dangerous place and the only way to survive is to be strong and powerful by having a reliable military power. There are many reasons that realism thinks that way (Sparknotes, 2017). First, there is no controlling power that can inforce global rules or punishments. Second, other countries might take advantage because moral behavior is very risky and can cripple the country’s ability to protect itself. Third, it looks like the international system is causing countries to engage in military force and war. So realism believes that the leaders may be ethical, but they must not let their honesty concerns guide their foreign policy.
On the other hand, Liberalism indicates that the deep ties among countries have both made it difficult to define national interest and decreased the usefulness of military power. Actually, liberalism was developed because some scholars argued that
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