International Relations Theories: The Soviet Union And The United States

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The development of international relations in the ancient world initiated the creation of theories on how the international system works. These theories over time have been backed by evidence and experience. The two theories that were created to govern international relations include realism and liberalism. Each of these theories ultimately have a common goal, which includes protecting the national interest of the state. For many, national interest includes: military security, and influence over other states, to name a few. Since national interest is broad and pertains to many states, it is common for many states to have the same national interest. What would cause them to differ however, is their approach to protecting and governing their…show more content…
The realism theory emphasizes increasing state power in comparison to other states. Under this theory, it is believed that the world is a cruel place and the only thing that is certain is power. It is believed under this theory that a more powerful state will always be able to trump those that are weaker than it. In accordance to the realism theory, the primary national interest is self-preservation. A notable example of states exercising the realism theory would be during the Cold War, when self-preservation was the ultimate goal of the Soviet Union and the United States. Oddly enough, that was not the beginning of the realism theory. This theory was seen in the beginning of politics by realist Machiavelli who believed violence and deceit were some of the best tactics to use against opponents. This theory was also heavily exercised more recently in politics during the George W. Bush administration and currently during the Donald Trump administration. This is an example of neo-realism which grew out of classical realism. With neo-realism, states do what they believe they can get away with in order to gain power and protect themselves from other
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