International Relations and Political Science

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The current situations and relationship of countries with each other force to study the behavior and nature of international relations. International instability, conflicts with neighbor countries, behavior of similar states and different countries causes to several problems related the characteristics of international relation. The aim of my essay is to understand the nature of international state and factor, which influence to the relationship of countries. To reach this aim I firstly describe the human nature. The understanding of human nature helps to understand the character of whole system. People are the major actors in the world and it helps to understand the relationship between state and international world. Secondly, I will explain the nature of state in the international anarchy by comparing three different theories. Finally, I will describe the common behavior of states based on the nature of anarchy.
T. Hobbes in the Leviathan firstly described human nature. Thomas Hobbes claim that in the state of nature people have absolute freedom and equal with others (Hobbes). Everyone is free to do anything they want. In state of nature life of people are brutish, nasty, and short. State of nature is the war of one against another (Hobbes). State of nature equals to state of war, which means I will kill you if you will touch me. Hobbes describes the state of nature as the chaos and instability…
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