International Reputation Of Urban Transportation Planning

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Transportation infrastructure is not only regarded as the artery of massive urban system, but also the cornerstone of urban growth as transportation advantages attract development opportunities. However, in the 20th century, unprecedented urbanisation pressured transportation worldwide, as population growth and rise of automobile ownership plagued various cities into chronic traffic problems with subsequent social and environmental impacts. This report explores Curitiba that has developed an international reputation of urban transportation planning, in order to understand how increasingly urbanised city as Curitiba alleviates its traffic issues through urban design and creative management. Critical analysis and implications in terms of the results of implemented solutions will be provided.

II. HISTORY & PROBLEMS Curitiba, capital of the state of Parana ́ in Brazil, originated with a strong emphasis on transportation, as the first patches of rail-road constructions in 1880s between the city and ports of its state upgraded Curitiba into a strategic location for business and trade (Macedo 2004). Although the city experienced growth through capital investment in coffee production since 1940s (Macedo 2013), the significant driver of Curitiba 's expansion was the mechanisation of agriculture and its emerging industrial and commercial importance since 1960s, during which the resulting rural in-migration of displaced labour-force fueled urban
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