International Retail Corporation Limited

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This report will discuss whether International Retail Corporation Limited (IRCL) should proceed with the proposed integration of the (ERP) system, to be finalised for operation within two months. The report will outline the implications of the current system the (IRCL uses, justify the reasons why (IRCL) should use the new (ERP) system 1. Current System Deficiencies The current accounting software package may not be the most appropriate software package for (IRCL) due to an array of factors. The developer of the existing software package did have good technical IT skills, as referred to the case study. This draws attention to problematic issues such as ‘inadequate support of business’ which refers that the implementation of newer and efficient technologies to make operations run smoothly which improves functionality and performance, which were not taken intro consideration by (IRCL). This is evident, as the current software cannot process more than one thousand transactions a day causing a severe impact on the potential client growth and the expansion of the business whilst also having a detrimental impact on the economic growth of the company. Furthermore, another limitation of current software is “inability to handling production data capacity’ The inconsistent and inaccurate distribution of data in the in the inventory and sales databases could lead to communication issues and have a product appear to be in stock where in reality it is not. This is giving clients false
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