International Security And International Law Essay

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International security studies offer several concepts to facilitate comprehension of the complex international order. Transnational identities, balance of power and international institutions and law are the most applicable concepts to describe the international security system. They best reflect the thinking of political leaders even in contrary forms of governments in different parts of the world, in sum, they consider the most dominant paradigms in the study of world politics and they supplement each other in executing a variegated set of policies. This essay will discuss those concepts following their related main actors from individuals via states to international organizations. Each paragraph gives a short characterization of the respective concept, links it with the most appropriate paradigm and shows the application of the concept in both democratic and more autocratic states while referencing the other concepts.
The concept of transnational identities is mainly associated with the paradigm of constructivism and describes both the essential politics of the democratic United States of America (USA) in internal and foreign affairs and the behavior of the more autocratic governed state of Iran in the Middle East. The term transnational identity stands for identities or ideologies based on culture. In addition, the beliefs and values do not necessarily align with national borders. On the one hand, the identities depend on the interests and preferences in the
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