International Security And The Role Of The United Nations

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International Security and The Role of the United Nations Efren Francisco Jose Palacios Puma 46077137 Political Sciences 260 Efren Francisco Palacios 46077137 International Security and the Role of the United Nations Introduction Throughout history, there have been a lot of conflicts between countries regarding many different issues such as territory, religion, race, trade, etc. However there was no attempt to create a global organization, or a treaty, or an agreement in order to try to reach peace between nations; until the creation of the League of Nations at the end of World War 1. Nevertheless even after that not all the states were willing to cooperate fully with each other and there were also some notable absences such as the USA and the USSR. The League of Nations proved to be a total failure but it was the first and perhaps the most significant step taken towards global peace. Based on the previous idea of creating the League of Nations, at the end of the Second World War, the victorious countries decided to create the United Nations (UN). It was modeled after the League of Nations, but in this case the UN was designed to be more than just collective security; it was designed to be a way to integrate member states and promote full cooperation not just to maintain peace but also to promote trade, fight poverty, etc. Nonetheless one of its main objectives, and arguably the most important one, still is to maintain peace and security among its member
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