International Standardization And Adaptation Of Shiseido 's Marketing Strategy

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The aim of this essay is explain how do internal (culture) and external (Climate and Ethnic) factors influence the standardisation and adaptation of Shiseido’s marketing strategy in Chinese and U.K market. The first part is literature review on the topic of international standardization and adaptation. The second part is the main body of the essay. Then last part will give companies some marketing recommendations according to the analysis of internal and external.
1. Literature Review
The literature on international marketing tactics debates two significant points of view. Some researchers support the international standardization approach argue same marketing strategy, and international markets should use a standardisation marketing mix for reduce total costs and promote a global enterprise image. The companies should use a single entity selling the same items everywhere in the same way (Levitt,1983). On the other hand, some researchers support the marketing adaptation to fit the unique dimensions of each local market. Jeannet (2003) states that the trend towards of international needs should not use standardized international in marketing activities. Because international marketing activities are the downstream value chain activities, they need close to the local market. Multinational corporations need adaptive marketing due to external environmental differences.
The debate over the amount or extent of standardisation or adaptation of marketing tactics has a

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