International Student And International Students

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In 2011/12, there were 764,495 international students enrolled throughout the United States in Higher Education Institutions. Two years later, in 2013/14, the number of students had risen to 886,052, which was a 16% increase (Institute, 2014). With this rate of growth, American students and international students are communicating with more and more of those who may not come from the same social norms and cultural backgrounds. With limited or low intercultural competence, American students, can sometimes have a hard time with cultures other than their own. Be that as it may, American students and international students can make leaps and bounds, both personally and professionally in the future. Intercultural communication has many positive benefits, but only if American students are willing to improve the communication barrier that can hold them from their success.
An increasing number of international students offers many benefits but mainly by contributing to the diversity on campus and creating new cultural perspectives (Bevis, 2002). International students and American students who take part in intercultural communication gain more intercultural competence, an increased development of empathy, and create an openness attitude that they will share with friends and family (Geelhoed & Talbot, 2003). Highly active intercultural communication also significantly increases an individual’s chances to challenge personal values and to keep an open mind (Luo & Jamieson-Drake,
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