International Student Stress

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Academic Stress Among College Students: Comparison of American and International Students Ranjita Misra and Linda G. Castillo Texas A&M University This study compared academic stressors and reactions to stressors between American and international students using Gadzella’s Life Stress Inventory (B. M. Gadzella, 1991). Five categories of academic stressors (i.e., frustrations, conflicts, pressures, changes, and self-imposed) and four categories describing reactions to these stressors (i.e., physiological, emotional, behavioral, and cognitive) were examined. The sample consisted of 392 international and American students from 2 Midwestern universities. American students reported higher self-imposed stressors and greater behavioral…show more content…
Gender differences also influence a student’s perception and reaction to academic stressors (Misra et al., 2000). For example, female students more often report letting out their feelings, whereas men more often report controlling their emotions, accepting the problem, not thinking about the situation, and engaging in problem-solving efforts (Hyde & Plant, 1995; Milkie & Thoits, 1993). Coping styles to stressors also differ by gender. When compared at similar levels of stress, women exhibit stress more overtly than males (Hyde & Plant, 1995; Thomas & Williams, 1991). International students share some common characteristics regardless of their diverse cultural, social, religious, and political backgrounds. Most international students are in the United States temporarily to fulfill their educational objectives and succeed in academic pursuits (Yang & Clum, 1994). However, the majority of these students are deprived of their traditional sources of social support and familiar means of communication (Pederson, 1991). Many of these students experience stressful life changes and cultural adjustments (Leong & Mallinckrodt, 1992). For example, difficulties have been reported with English-language proficiency and with adjustments to the American culture that might contribute to academic stress. Furthermore, international students have difficulties adapting to a new educational
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