International Students And Scholars Are Facing Many Challenges

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International students/scholars are facing many challenges when they arrive in the United States. Several major barriers that they face include: 1) Language barriers: Most newly arrived international students/scholars have difficulty in communicating effectively with native English speakers (McClure, 2007; Araujo, 2011; Andrade, 2006). Several factors may contribute to this situation. First, the students who learned English in another accent (e.g. British English) may have trouble following the native American English speakers. Second, native English speakers speak too fast for them. Third, misunderstanding between international students/scholars and the native English speakers may result from missing social context during conversations. Fourth, international students/scholars have trouble understanding slangs and idioms when the meaning is not obvious. Fifth, the lack of opportunities to communicate with the native English speakers hinders many international students/scholars from establishing a meaningful relationship with native English speakers; 2) Academic barriers: Differences in teaching philosophies and theories may result in a teaching style that is very different from the students’ homes. For example, group discussion might be brand new for some students. The students who have trouble in participating in class as actively as the domestic students may struggle to adapt to the different learning style (Marsh & Hau, 2004; Andrade, 2006; Trilokeka & Rasmi, 2011; Zhou,
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