International Students Can Overcome Challenges

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International students face many different challenges when studying abroad. This is due to many factors. First, they are living in a country very far away from their own. The country they are studying at has a very different way of life than theirs. Further more, the laws in that country are much different than the laws in their own country. Due to that they face a lot of problems trying to adapt to this new culture. Me personally as an international student in the US studying at ASU, have faced three particularly difficult challenges that I was able to overcome through time. In this essay I will explain how international students can overcome tough challenges and situations. The first challenge, and in my opinion the most crucial challenge that I had to face was learning the English language, and communicating with different people. Almost every international student is faced with this challenge; Alberto Fernández Fernández said, “International students often face adjustment issues impacting their level of satisfaction with their experience. These involve oral language proficiency, as well as feelings of anxiety and isolation resulting from language deficiencies”. This challenge was important for me to overcome due to the fact that I am here for the sole purpose to study in an American University, so obviously I am required to learn the language. Likewise, I have to learn how to speak so that I can be able to communicate with other students and professors. I personally…
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