International Students Recruiting

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“America preaches integration, but practices segregation” (Malcolm X). I open with this meditative quote from Malcolm X because it is the very foundation that this essay sits on. To explain, when international students are applying for colleges, guidance counselors tend to highlight opportunities in the US. This is solely because the universities in America seem promising. They know how to write compelling statistical data on diversity in their “About Us” sections and they have the most convincing people in their administration offices for recruiting. Therefore, foreigners feel comfortable to travel miles to live in an unknown territory because of promises made by deceitful Americans. However, eventually these immigrants realize that in America…show more content…
This is unethical. It seems as though they are too focussed on finding an issue with these foreigners that they miss out on the opportunity to hire a well educated employee. Finally, not hiring international students because of status also presents a political problem. As an illustration, Groden stated that President Obama told Northwestern University that America is fertile grounds for a lot of startups owned by foreigners. President Obama is politically correct. He was very welcoming to the millions of undocumented people that reside in the US and this is what got the international population to vote for his presidency. As expressed by Groden, he signed off on documents that offered protection to these immigrants. I strongly urge politicians to solve this issue. Since there is an increase in the population of international students (that have small chance of becoming voters), they should be aware that their votes carry weight. This can be seen even in recent times when Donald Trump ridiculed the Mexican population and had to later down in his campaigning apologise to them. He realized that they their votes carry weight; if he does not appeal to their needs then they will not appeal to his
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