International Students and the Right of Working While Studying in USA

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International students and the right of working while studying in USA
International students should be granted the right to work while studying in the United States because they need to develop skills they are learning in school through practice such as communication skill, be able to cater for their living expenses, gain experience of the fields they are preparing to work in and make contribution in the country’s growth for good recommendation. International students should be allowed to work while studying but, in line with the courses they pursuing and under regulated conditions to ensure quality is gained and delivered.
Giving international students a permit to work-off campus offers them a chance to interact with residents at work
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In addition to the high tuition fee, the students will also have to pay for their living expenses such as housing, gas, food, and utility bills. Though some international students are very rich and their parents can support all the cost without even a scholarship, some face the challenge of having to handle all the costs. Research has shown most international students are supported by scholarship. Giving International Students the right of working off-campus while studying in United States will help them cater for some parts of their living expenses (Estlud 2005 pg 188).
Allowing international students to work-off campus will provide them a chance to gain experience in the field of the courses they are pursuing. Whenever students are imposed into a theory and practical training it becomes very real and first to train. Education being a two-way thing, meaning normal class teaching of theory and daily life practice for application, it helps deliver the best. Students should be given a chance to put into practice what they are being trained to improve quality and gain experience. I would strongly advocate for the concerned federal agencies and school institutions to base this on type of course the student is pursuing so that it suits the profession they will be in for the rest of their life. United States has diversified resources and this will help the students gain good experience working in such suitable environment.
The international students can
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