International Trade Activity And The Related Logistic Issues

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1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 Definition of key area under investigation This report aims to investigate the international trade activity and the related logistic issues that Germany had to face in the last two decades. This includes an overview of the key trends regarding the import/export activity in terms of volume and value of freight goods moved, the impact of exports on the GDP, the top trading partners and the main commodities that have been trade in the last 20 years. The report also focuses on how the transport infrastructure (considering both internal and external factors) has impacted the trade activities. Furthermore, it will provide an analysis of the challenges and opportunities Germany will have to face within 2035. 1.2 Germany background Germany is situated in the hearth of Europe and that makes it a fundamental hub for the entire continental international trade activity. Since its unification in 1990, Germany developed an extreme dense transport infrastructure that nowadays consists of 650.000 Km of roads, 37.860 Km of railways lines operated, 7.675 Km of inland canals and rivers which link the country with the Kieal Canal and the sea, 23.000 Km2 of sea waterways, 2.500 Km of pipelines for the crude oil transportation and 16 international airports spread throughout the country (, 18/10/2015). 1.3 Scope of the report The scope of this reports is to investigate the international trade activity in terms of freight goods moved in the last twenty years.
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